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The Department of Applied Mathematics is a center of research activity in a wide spectrum of traditional and modern mathematics. It explores the connections between mathematics and its applications at both research and educational levels. We emphasize the practical education and establish the curriculum satisfying both the intensified mathematics major and the interdepartmental major which is encouraged by the current flow of rapid development in mathematics and related sciences. Upon graduation, students can obtain various certificates for school teachers or engineers of information processing. They exhibit their excellence as core members in many related areas. Many of our graduates are working in the government department as office workers as well. Students can also advance their study in graduate school for mathematics and mathematics-related majors to become qualified researchers.
To engage in research and practical experience as an advanced major of Applied Mathematics, and to prepare curriculums such as Mathematics teaching certification, Computer Science Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, and Actuarial Mathematics to enter the field which are expected to expand. Especially the Mathematics teaching certification field, where many post-graduate students have entered, we try to enter the field of not just teachers at the chalk face but also educational administration and education research field, through establishing Mathematics education at graduate school of education and Mathematics education course of graduate school. It is also expected for the post-graduate students to get certificate of similar field such as secondary school teachers (grade 2), engineer information processors (grade 1), certified actuaries to act as extensive experts with logical mind (thinking) of their field.

Mathematical Computation Practice Room
The facility is equipped with 30 high-performance PCs for students attending Numerical Analysis and related subjects of applied mathematics. Besides the general-purposed software, we also have professional mathematical products such as GSP4, Maple, and Mathematica to face the challenges of computationally intensive problems.

Mathematics Practice Room
To support our students preparing for the national qualifying exam to become mathematics teachers, we equipped this facility with resources related to educational studies. Financial aids for private online courses are also available. We promote seminars and study groups to facilitate the exchange of information among students, which is crucial to prepare for the future employment and to understand the mathematics major.

The graduates of the department of applied mathematics find various career paths. Some enter the graduate school for advanced study and research. Others begin a career related to computation, telecommunication, e-construction, economics, finance, business administration, and pedagogy. They distinguish themselves as certified actuaries, engineer information processors (grade 1), and secondary school teachers (grade 2). They are also working in the practice and laboratories after getting the M.S. or Ph. D degrees.