The World Class University (WCU) project is a higher education subsidy program of the Korean government, which invites international scholars who possess advanced research capacities to collaborate with Korean faculty members and establish new academic programs in key growth-generating fields.

Focus is placed on supporting new growth-generating technologies that will spearhead national development. The ministry will give priority to inter-disciplinary studies that consolidate the fields of basic sciences and humanities & social sciences which will contribute to national, social and academic development.

The School of Space Research is established at Kyung Hee University (SSR/KHU) in 2009 by this WCU project of “Space Exploration in Lunar Orbit” that was granted by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) through the nation-wide competition.


Project Name : WCU (World Class University)
Subject Name : Space Exploration in Lunar Orbit
Project Period : 2008 ~ 2013 (total 5 years)
Budget : 2.8 billion won per year (total 14.2 billion won)
Participants : : 4 international scientists, 12 Korean scientists


1. Development of satellite payloads
- Detector system (energy, electric fields), Opto-Mechnics (development, Assembly, integration & test), and Space electronics (space telecommunication)

2. Theory and Modeling of the Solar-terrestrial Space Environments
- Interaction of Plasmas with the Moon, Solar Plasma Ejecta and their Interactions with the Earth’s Magnetosphere, Magnetotail Dynamics

3. Satellite &Ground-based Data Analysis
- Solar flares, High energy particles, Coronal shocks, Prominences, Geomagnetic storm, Satellite drag, Substorm