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Project Goal
The primary goal of our project is to teach and train competent professionals who can conduct space missions whose objective is to study the Moon-Earth system. In order to achieve this primary goal, the specific objectives are to:
(a) conduct a lunar cubesat mission to investigate magnetic anomalies on the Moon,
(b) reveal the unsolved mystery of magnetic anomalies on the Moon, and
(c) understand the dynamics of the space environment in the Moon-Earth system.

Project Goal
With the recent advance of the worldwide global energy, environmental problems, the field of renewable energy is a very active research field. The department of Applied Physics, Kyung Hee University, has obtained a government funding for BK21 plus team, titled as "Hybrid energy harvesting research team". The team is carrying out research for quantum phenomena of nanomaterials and devices, which can lead to the technology of renewable energy through photovoltaic, thermoelectric, piezoelectric-based research. By concentrating on education and research in this field, we are going to train world-class professionals in renewable energy research.

Project Goal
Facing and overcoming the urgent world-wide problems of mankind including energy, environment, health/diseases, it is required to develop novel materials for next-generation molecular electronic devices, green energy generation, multi-functional single molecule diagnostic sensor and so on. Thus, obtaining revolutionary materials and high-end chemophysical analytical techniques, and their application to IT, BT, and NT stand out as one of the core sciences of future convergent sciences. CIMRE and the Department of Applied Chemistry at Kyung Hee University intend to contribute to raising the future generation of molecular science/engineering as well as creative research and fundamental techniques through the newly developed integrative education/research programs.