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Center for Academic Computing (CAC) was established on 23th, Mar. 2010.

Currently CAC has 51 nodes with 204 cores to support the research of professors and students from the College of Applied Science, Kyung Hee University. CAC was established to meet the following needs:

The global trend of computational science in applied science
The demand to increase the number & quality of publication
Cost effectiveness of publishing a paper
The trend of interdisciplinary science

In the past, only large institutes could afford to have computational systems because they were composed with super computers which were too expensive. Now the development of PC hardware enables even a small institute to have their own computation cluster in an affordable budget. The CAC was established for following purpose:

To prevent duplicated investment by individual professors who need heavy computational work
To gather the distributed computing facilities into a single coordinated system
To guarantee professional management of cluster by expert

The CAC was mainly funded by College of Applied Science, Kyung Hee Univ. as one of the model business of its self-funding program.

All members of the College of Applied Science are allowed to use the cluster.

# of Node = 51 (1 for login, 50 for computation)
# of Core = 240 cores
Available Storage = 32TB (1.9TB for user disk, 430GB for program package, 30TB for scratch)
Memory = 540GB